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MONEY NO ENOUGH 3 钱不够用3 之 全部够用


MONEY NO ENOUGH 3 钱不够用3 之 全部够用

Hijack Pictures Pte Ltd

Money No Enough 3, 钱不够用3 之 全部够用 is a 2024 Singaporean comedy film written and directed by Jack Neo, the sequel to 1998's Money No Enough and 2008's Money No Enough 2, which also stars Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Henry Thia.
This movie sees Neo, Lee and Thia reprising their roles as three kampong friends each facing their own family and financial problems. In their attempt to join forces and support each other, their grand plan falls apart when the younger generation challenges the beliefs and value systems of the trio. This resulted in their respective families facing multiple money problems and having impacts on each other and their families.

movie, Singapore, visual effect, 3D, vfx, Jack Neo, Money no Enough 3
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